Two meetings for Brookwood homeowners coming up

Brookwood residents are reminded that there are two meetings this week where all homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The first is a community meeting hosted by our City Council Member Danny Becton to discuss the process involved to change the speed limit in Brookwood. This meeting will be held at 6pm on Monday, July 22, at the large meeting room at Crosswater Hall. Click here for more information.

The second is the quarterly meeting of the HOA Board of Directors. It will be held at 7pm on Wednesday, July 24, in the small conference room at the Nocatee Welcome Center. Click here to see a copy of the agenda.

Community meeting being held to discuss speed limit

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Please mark your calendars for an upcoming meeting for Brookwood residents to discuss the possibility of reducing the speed limit within our neighborhood. The meeting is planned for 6pm on Monday, July 22, at the large meeting room at Crosswater Hall.

After a number of neighbors expressed interest in lowering the speed limit from 30mph, your HOA Board of Directors contacted our City Council Member Danny Becton. Becton is hosting the community meeting to discuss the process involved to change the speed limit.

Although a petition for the potential change will be available for residents to sign at the meeting, the community has up to six months to get the required 75% of homeowners to sign. Click on the small image to get a larger view of a handout prepared by Becton’s office.

HOA meeting called to discuss covenant compliance process

Your HOA Board members have called a special meeting to cover the new covenant compliance process now that it has been up and running for a few months. It will be held at 5pm on Thursday, June 20, at 280 Willow Ridge Drive.

The meeting has been called to clarify the compliance process for the board and Compliance Enforcement Committee members, but all homeowners are invited. First Coast will report on how the process is proceeding and no other agenda items will be discussed.

The quarterly meeting of the board will be held at 7pm on Wednesday, July 24, in the small conference room at Crosswater Hall. You can always check for upcoming meeting dates on our website home page or on the HOA announcement board at the corner of Willow Ridge and Vestavia.

Brookwood message board installed

If you’ve gone past the playground in the past couple of days, you may have noticed our community’s new board for HOA announcements. The board replaces the temporary signs that were periodically posted at both entrances.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the board is located between the two entrances to the park near the corner of Vestavia and Willow Ridge. Check it out for meeting and event information.

Brookwood Yard Sale Slated for May 18

Start cleaning out your garage, this year’s Yard Sale will be held on Saturday, May 18, from 8am – 2pm. Homeowners are welcome to hang balloons or temporary signage in their yards to let people know that they are participating and open for business.

Natalie Rooke, Social Committee chair, will be posting announcements on social network Nextdoor and various Facebook pages. Also, Aubrie Synan, our property manager at First Coast, arranged for a listing in the Times-Union newspaper starting the Wednesday before the event through Saturday as well as a notice on Craigslist. The Nocatee blog announcements no longer post community yard sales.

Another Nocatee community, Willowcove, will be holding its yard sale on the same day. Make sure to spread the word through your own social networks to ensure maximum visibility.

HOA Meeting on Tuesday

The quarterly meeting of the HOA Board of Directors will be held at 7pm on Tuesday, April 30, in the small conference room at the Nocatee Welcome Center. Click here for a copy of the agenda.

All homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend.

CEC created to help ensure covenant adherence

The HOA board recently created a Covenant Enforcement Committee (CEC) with goals to protect home values and maintain the aesthetics and peaceful environment of the community.

Keeping your lawn maintained really pays off in the total look of our community.

The CEC will help ensure that all homeowners are following the covenants each owner agreed to when buying in the community. Beginning in April, violations of the covenants that are not corrected after notice is given to the owner will be fined by the HOA Board of Directors at $100 per day for up to 10 days.

The CEC will hold hearings on an as-needed basis to determine if the fine levied by the board will be confirmed or denied and the involved homeowner will be invited to explain their side of the story. “Brookwood doesn’t have many compliance issues,” says Alice Hubbard, president of First Coast Association Management. “These procedures are similar to what other HOAs have and are merely intended to gain cooperation and compliance if an issue arises.”

Unpaid fines totaling $1,000 or more could result in a lien being placed on the owner’s property.

Changes coming to Architectural Review Process

When homeowners wish to make a modification to the exterior of their home or property, they will have a slightly different process to go through than in the past.

Starting in April, the Architectural Review Board (ARB) will meet once a month to review applications and will approve or disapprove of them at that time. Assuming there is at least one application, the first meeting will be held at 7pm on Tuesday, April 16 in a meeting room at the REMAX office at the Nocatee Town Center.

The change is necessary because the original declaration for Brookwood requires the ARB to make a decision on an application within 10 working days of submission while state law requires that homeowners be able to attend ARB decision making meetings.

To comply with both requirements, applications submitted more than 10 working days prior to when the committee meets will be denied unless the owner waves the 10-day response requirement and agrees to a decision being made on the application at the next monthly ARB meeting.

A new application form that gives homeowners the right to waive the 10-day response requirement is available in the Documents area of the website. Homeowners should use 5pm of each meeting date as the deadline for submitting applications for each month.

The following monthly ARB meetings, currently anticipated to be on the second Tuesday of each month, only will be held if there are applications pending. Information regarding the date, time and location can be seen on the right hand side of the home page of the website and on a new message board soon to be posted at the park.

The HOA is seeking new members for the ARB. If you are interested in finding out more about the board or for questions about the new process, please contact our property manager, Aubrie Synan with First Coast at or (904) 998-5365 Ext. 231.

Aubrie Synan named new Brookwood property manager

First Coast Association Management, Brookwood’ s association management company, recently assigned Aubrie Synan to focus on our community. She replaces Jeff Edwards, who has been our manager since September.

Aubrie Synan

Aubrie spent most of her career in property management and hospitality.

She has worked for First Coast for about two and a half years. She is well versed in all areas of the company and will spend her time working with our HOA, its vendors and community members.

Aubrie grew up in Ponte Vedra and says she is “honored to work with such a beautiful community in her home town.”

She says she is looking forward to working with the Brookwood HOA and all of its residents. To contact Aubrie, you can call her at (904) 998-5365 Ext. 231 or email her at

Brookwood entrances to get irrigation, more flowers

Most homeowners don’t know it, but the reason why Brookwood didn’t have a flower display at its entrances like most other Nocatee communities was due to no irrigation zones near the brick markers. That will all change soon, as our landscape vendor recently installed some new flower bed irrigation zones at each entrance.

Your HOA board members approved the expenditure for adding the new irrigation zones at its last meeting. The original zones were designed for watering grass only, so when new flowers were planted in front of our signs, the very large extended grass watering system needed to be activated more often to give ample water to the flowers — a very costly process. The new zones give us the ability to water the flower bed areas only as needed, when flowers are newly planted.

“Many homeowners asked that we add more and varying color to our entrances and now we will be able to change out the flowers more often and use more colorful annuals that should thrive with the additional watering zones,” says Elaine Prisby, president of the HOA board.

“The flower beds at the entrance signs were also expanded to accommodate more flowers,” she adds. “This work was done by myself and my husband so as to save costs. I believe they are sufficient for our needs and I will put in the initial plantings within the next couple of weeks.”

Elaine says that she loves to garden and enjoys helping out in the community. By doing the flower planting rather than paying our landscaper to do it, “we should be able to provide more flowers at a much lower cost.”