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Expansion of Exterior Accent Color Paint Options

Homeowners recently approved the addition of 31 new accent colors to Brookwood’s outdoor paint options. Accent colors are defined as those which can be used on the front door and shutters.

As paint colors look different on computer screens, a project team created a color board showing all the color swatches consisting of 37 body colors, 37 trim colors and 62 accent colors.

You can view the color board by calling our property manager, Aubrie Synan, at (904) 998-5365 Ext. 231, and giving her your contact information. One of the HOA board members will bring it to your home. Or, you can send the same information in an email to

The project team is now working with Sherwin-Williams to get all of Brookwood’s approved colors placed on the company’s website.

If you want to view the new colors on your computer despite true color limitations, go to and type the color or code into the search bar. An attempt has been made to sort each family of colors in the following table from darkest on top to lightest on the bottom.