Brookwood News & Events

Our HOA has three items in the works that are of interest to homeowners:

Annual Meeting and Expansion of Exterior Accent Color Paint Options (see text below)

Halloween Party at the Playground on Sunday, Oct. 20

Effort to Lower the Speed Limit in Brookwood

Homeowners are encouraged to vote on whether Brookwood should expand its exterior accent color (front doors and shutters) paint options at this year’s annual meeting to be held at 7:30pm on Thursday, Nov. 14, at the Cypress Trails Pavilion near the pool.

You will be receiving a notice in the mail which contains a proxy if you can’t attend the meeting but still wish to vote on the color expansion. Please return the proxy to First Coast Management either by mail or email. No ballot is included in the mailing because the number of board candidates do not exceed the number of board vacancies.

The proposed paint colors were recommended by a three-member project team consisting of Tamara McFarlane, Jamie Muser and Terry Jones. If approved, the community would have 30 additional accent colors from which to choose. Accent colors are defined as those which can be used on the front door and shutters.

As paint colors look different on computer screens, the project team created a color board showing all the color swatches consisting of 39 body colors, 38 trim colors, 38 existing accent colors and the proposed accent colors.

You can view the color board at Sunday’s Halloween party which is being held from 4-6pm at the playground.

If you can’t make it on Sunday (Oct. 30), please call our property manager, Aubrie Synan, at (904) 998-5365 Ext. 231, give her your contact information and one of the board members will bring it to your home. Or, send the same information in an email to

If you want to view the colors on your computer despite true color limitations, go to and type the color or code into the search bar. An attempt has been made to sort each family of colors in the following table from darkest on top to lightest on the bottom.