CEC created to help ensure covenant adherence

The HOA board recently created a Covenant Enforcement Committee (CEC) with goals to protect home values and maintain the aesthetics and peaceful environment of the community.

Keeping your lawn maintained really pays off in the total look of our community.

The CEC will help ensure that all homeowners are following the covenants each owner agreed to when buying in the community. Beginning in April, violations of the covenants that are not corrected after notice is given to the owner will be fined by the HOA Board of Directors at $100 per day for up to 10 days.

The CEC will hold hearings on an as-needed basis to determine if the fine levied by the board will be confirmed or denied and the involved homeowner will be invited to explain their side of the story. “Brookwood doesn’t have many compliance issues,” says Alice Hubbard, president of First Coast Association Management. “These procedures are similar to what other HOAs have and are merely intended to gain cooperation and compliance if an issue arises.”

Unpaid fines totaling $1,000 or more could result in a lien being placed on the owner’s property.