Vinyl fencing now an option

With barely a quorum established, the vinyl fence option is now available to all property owners who previously had a wood shadow box fence option. The vinyl fence option is not available to homeowners where metal fencing has been the only option.

Pursuant to Brookwood’s Articles of Incorporation, 33 homeowners were required to vote for a quorum to be established and the votes to count. Exactly 33 homeowners responded to the ballots that were sent out. Of those who responded, the measure to add a vinyl fence option passed, 28-5.

Homeowners who desire a vinyl fence should submit an Architectural Review Board form specifying a six-foot high, tan vinyl, tongue and groove fence. A copy of your site plan with the location of the fence must be included.

The wood fence remains an option for the related property owners as well.

Brookwood considers vinyl fence option

Because a number of homeowners have expressed interest in a vinyl fence option for the community, your HOA Board members will contact each property owner for input. Watch your email inbox or U.S. mailbox for information on how to weigh in on the decision. Details on the size, type and color will be included in the mailing.

Also, your board members are clarifying the position on using rocks or stones for landscaping purposes.  Although only mulch was approved when the community was first established, using other material has since been approved. Landscaping plans should be approved in advance by filling out and submitting the Architectural Review Committee Submission Form.

If you are not already getting HOA emails, please help your association keep costs down by using the Email Authorization form.