Utility Disruptions to Watch For

According to the AT&T Fibre work notice received by Brookwood families, the company will try to minimize disruptions and remedy any disorder caused to the landscape. However, according to a representative at the concerns line listed on the notice, reparations will also be made if there is damage to irrigation systems or invisible fences.

If you know the location of either of these items near the where flags have been placed in your yard, please call the concerns line at 904-268-0361 so the information can help crews avoid damage.

In the case of irrigation piping, it is not easy for the crews to detect their location, so it is possible that any that lie in the line of the work will be damaged and leak water. Homeowners should be vigilant to test their water systems both before and after work and contact AT&T if you experience pressure changes or higher water bills than expected.

The representative said that any damage will be fixed by AT&T crews or contractors, and payments for water leaks will be based on a customer’s last three water bills.

Also, keep in mind that JEA will be affecting our reclaimed water service from October 29-31st as part of a project to upgrade the Mandarin Water Reclamation Facility. According to a JEA representative, Brookwood families will not experience an outage during this time but may experience less water pressure. Questions about the reclaimed water project can be asked by calling 904-665-7500.