Community FAQ

What are my responsibilities with respect to lot maintenance?

Lot owners are required to maintain all landscaping within their property including grass, trees, plants, plant beds, proper irrigation and lake edge management. The tree nearest the road on each lot is the responsibility of the homeowner. Palm trees should be manicured and maintained to ensure that no dead or decaying palm branches remain on the tree once discovered. All tree support lines or cables should be removed. Failure to remove the support systems could result in a fine or cause strangulation of the tree. “[L]andscaping shall be maintained in a neat, attractive and orderly manner.” (Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions for Brookwood Section 8.17)

What are the rules for parking on the street?

All residents are required to park their vehicles in their designated driveways. Vehicles parked in driveways should not block sidewalks, as they are a public right of way. Any cars that must be temporarily parked on the street must park with the flow of traffic to alleviate any congestion or blind spots for fellow drivers. “Garage doors should remain closed at all times except to allow cars to enter and exit the garage. Garages may not be converted into living or storage space. Vehicles should be parked in the garage spaces overnight.” (Brookwood Homeowner’s Architectural Review Criteria and Procedure Manual – Garages) Parking on the street should be limited where possible. “No boats, recreational vehicles or other motor vehicles other than four­wheel passenger automobiles, shall be placed, parked or stored upon any Lot […] except within a building or otherwise screened, as to be totally isolated from public view. Commercial vehicles shall not be parked within the Property within public view on a regular basis.” (Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions for Brookwood ­ Section 8.7)

What if I have a pet?

Pet owners are responsible for collecting any waste their pet my leave in and around Brookwood. Waste bags are provided for owners who do not have any on hand during their walks and can be found at the community green space. Please discard of your pet’s waste in the designated trash receptacles.

Can I hang signs and advertisements in my yard?

All pest control, landscaping, fencing installation, pool/spa installation signs and any other advertisement or business signage should be removed from your lawn within 48 hours of placement. (Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions for Brookwood ­ Section 8.14)

What is the speed limit within Brookwood?

All residents and guests should abide by the posted speed limit of 20 MPH. Please take into consideration that there are children and pets in Brookwood and safety is a priority.

What if I have additional questions or concerns?

More information regarding your responsibilities within the community can be found on the Docs & Forms page. You may also contact the association’s management company.

Anna Hornstein, Property Manager

First Coast Association Management, LLC
11555 Central Parkway, Suite 801
Jacksonville, FL 32224
Office: (904) 998-5365 Ext. 231

When contacting First Coast via email, please include your inquiry topic and your street address in the subject line for a quicker review and response. Allow two business days for a response to general questions.