HOA Board Welcomes New Member

After establishing a quorum, it was announced that the HOA Board of Directors now consists of Bill Fitzgerald, Karen Higgins and Ty Blake at this year’s annual meeting held last week. Ty is a new member of the board with Bill and Karen continuing their service.

It was also announced that a 2021 Operating Budget was passed that reflects no change in homeowners’ fees from the previous year.

After the meeting, the board members decided among themselves that Bill will be the board president, Karen will continue as vice president and Ty will be treasurer/secretary. In practice, the president officially calls and runs the board meetings, but all three members address issues and finances associated with the HOA.

A big thank you to Elaine Prisby who presided as president of the board since its inception until she resigned from the post on October 1. Among her accomplishments while on the board were negotiating additional playground equipment when the developer did not put in a second park; staying on top of vendors such as our landscaping company to ensure all work was carried out in a timely manner; working with an arborist to address issues associated with neighborhood street trees; with her husband, Henry, planting annuals at both entrances, and most recently ensuring that two deteriorating slides were replaced at the playground.

Elaine intends to stay involved with the HOA, especially on the property committee. All board members encourage other community members to help on committees if they are not already involved. Follow this link to find an area that may interest you and then find out more information by contacting our property manager, Anna Hornstein, at [email protected] or by calling her at (904) 998-5365 Ext. 238.