HOA Board to Meet Quarterly

HOA Board Meetings will now be held during the months of January, April, July and October, with October being the month of the Annual Meeting. The meetings were previously held on an as-needed basis but generally amounted to about four meetings a year.

The change came as a result of one of a number of recommendations from the HOA’s Communications Committee.  “Having meetings on a regular basis helps homeowners know generally when to expect the next one,” said Terry Jones, board member and chairperson of the committee. “The exact date and location of the upcoming meeting can now be found in the upper righthand corner of the website’s homepage,” she added.

A number of other recommendations from the committee were approved by the board at its meeting earlier this month, including adopting a 7pm start time for the meetings to make it easier for homeowners who work during the day. Thanks to committee members Chris McGuire, Amy Miller, Susan Niedenthal and Briana Rapp for their work on the recommendations.

Please read the minutes for additional information about the meeting.