HOA Annual Meeting not met with enough proxies

Last night’s HOA Annual Meeting took place without enough homeowners represented to be officially recorded. Although some homeowners sent in their proxies, only 17 were obtained out of 32 needed.

There was no vote needed for board members this year because only two returning members, Bill Fitzgerald and Karen Higgins, submitted their names. Ty Blake, who also served as a board member the past year, did not submit his name as his family may move during the upcoming year. It was agreed that Ty will remain on the board until and if he leaves Brookwood.

A regular board meeting took place prior to the Annual Meeting with the proposed annual budget and budget assumptions being approved by the board. A copy of the 2022 adopted operating budget with detailed budget assumptions is available here or can be found at the top of the Documents/Docs & Forms page of this website. The adopted budget reflects no change in the HOA fee from 2021.

HOA President Bill Fitzgerald complimented Karen and Ty for their help and involvement during their first terms on the board. Bill has served on the board since its inception.