Brookwood Yard Sale slated for April 17

Start cleaning out your garage, this year’s Yard Sale will be held on Saturday, April 17, from 8am – 2pm. Homeowners are welcome to hang balloons or temporary signage in their yards to let people know that they are participating and open for business.

Natalie Rooke, Social Committee chair, will be posting announcements on social network Nextdoor and various Facebook pages. Also, Anna Hornstein, our property manager at First Coast, will arrange for a listing in the Times-Union newspaper starting the Wednesday before the event through Saturday as well as a notice on Craigslist. The Nocatee blog announcements no longer post community yard sales.

Our yard sale will be held in conjunction with yard sales at the Nocatee Town Center as well as the Nocatee Farmers Market. So, there should be plenty of people visiting the area on that day. Make sure to spread the word through your own social networks to ensure maximum visibility.