Brookwood entrances to get irrigation, more flowers

Most homeowners don’t know it, but the reason why Brookwood didn’t have a flower display at its entrances like most other Nocatee communities was due to no irrigation zones near the brick markers. That will all change soon, as our landscape vendor recently installed some new flower bed irrigation zones at each entrance.

Your HOA board members approved the expenditure for adding the new irrigation zones at its last meeting. The original zones were designed for watering grass only, so when new flowers were planted in front of our signs, the very large extended grass watering system needed to be activated more often to give ample water to the flowers — a very costly process. The new zones give us the ability to water the flower bed areas only as needed, when flowers are newly planted.

“Many homeowners asked that we add more and varying color to our entrances and now we will be able to change out the flowers more often and use more colorful annuals that should thrive with the additional watering zones,” says Elaine Prisby, president of the HOA board.

“The flower beds at the entrance signs were also expanded to accommodate more flowers,” she adds. “This work was done by myself and my husband so as to save costs. I believe they are sufficient for our needs and I will put in the initial plantings within the next couple of weeks.”

Elaine says that she loves to garden and enjoys helping out in the community. By doing the flower planting rather than paying our landscaper to do it, “we should be able to provide more flowers at a much lower cost.”